Pre-Recorded 107-Program-Event-Church-Funeral-Black-Gold-Photoshop-Template by Shanon Wooden

Pre-Recorded 107-Program-Event-Church-Funeral-Black-Gold-Photoshop-Template

Thursday, 8/6/2020 at 8:00 PM EST 

What's included?

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Homework Quiz (Answer Prior to Session)
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Program Event Church Funeral Black Gold Photoshop Template.psd
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Homework Checklist

Sunday, 8/9/2020 at 7:00 PM EST


If Homework is NOT complete, you will not be able to participate in the Interactive Session. You will be able to watch and have access to the video recording. 


There is a strict no-refund policy. Please be sure to complete Homework at least 2 hours prior to the course session. Feel free to POST ANY QUESTIONS in the Innate Creatives Facebook Group:

ð       MUST HAVE Dual Screens Set up: Tutorial Here 

ð       If you do not have dual screens, you must purchase extra seat to view the course on one computer/tablet and perform the work on another computer.

o   It is most economical to purchase an inexpensive monitor and HDMI cable compatible with your system. Check your local secondhand electronics store to get a 2nd monitor + HDMI or VGA cable for around $30

ð       Create a folder on the Desktop NAME IT: “Innate Academy 106”: 

ð       MUST DOWNLOAD Class files

ð       TEST the Zoom link to make sure you can connect

ð       TEST and make sure you can SUCCESSFULLY OPEN THE PHOTOHOP TEMPLATE you downloaded!!!

Files to Download PRE-Class (Put files in INNATE ACADEMY 107 folder):
ð       Zoom Link + Homework Checklist pdf 

ð       Course Template File

ð       Bebas Neue Font:

ð       Beyond The Mountains Font: 

ð       Master of Comics Font:

ð       1 Photo ONLY (you can add additional photos after class for your final project)

ð       Decide your Colors +Theme (Sports, Graduation, Birthday, Anniversary, Remembrance, Family Reunion)

ð       Photoshop (Check for Active Subscription) 

ð       Zoom (Installed on Photoshop Computer) 

By Purchasing or downloading any file, you agree not to share or sell this file or any variation of it in editable or non-editable format. You are allowed and encouraged to use it for your final END USE products. You are prohibited from giving away or selling the art or transfers or stickers using this file in any capacity or the likeness of this file. This keeps us in a position to continue to provide high quality artwork, transfers, and tutorials. Thank you, sincerely, for your support and HAPPY CREATING!!